Alva Sim


Alva Sim’s music is progressive contemporary, light rock with a soulful twist.  She covers everyone from Carly Simon to Roberta Flack and bears a close physical resemblance to the wonderful Sade.

Duane Dulane


Duane Dulane Acoustic artist covers everyone from The Beatles to Bruce Springsteen to Elvis Costello to David Guetta to George Strait. He also brings original music and has played at many local venues besides just GenuWine.

Sheri Lavo


Sheri Lavo has been performing in Houston since 1997. She is a GenuWine favorite. Sultry and smooth, Sheri takes you on a romantic journey with her through the course of the evening’s music.  She sets a perfectly sensual ambience to accompany a bottle of deep red and some delicious one-on-one snacking with your soulmate.

Grant Harrison


Grant Harrison stays true to himself and hold steadfast to the positivity that comes from being able to create and share his story through music. He says it’s not about the music, but rather how the music makes people feel. Get ready for an intimate evening with Grant Harrison

Keeton Coffman


Keeton Coffman, performing on stage shines during his live performances with his lighthearted, personable approach and a gift for intimately connecting with his audience to make them feel at home.  Keeton Coffman evokes the melodic styles and passionate lyricism of Amos Lee, David Gray, and Bruce Springsteen.

Daryl Richards


Information needed.

Kelsey Mae


Kelsey Mae Country is a Pop Singer and Songwriter, with a beautiful voice.


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