Our roots run deep.


img_6482Besides being a wonderful place to enjoy a great meal, a top-shelf bottle of wine, and some very entertaining live music, the GenuWine Tasting Room is also an active participant in our local community.  The area around the vicinity of 1488 and 2978, once a four-way stop with cattle pastures on all corners, has grown into a thriving and rapidly developing center of commerce, and for the last almost five years GenuWine has been right here in the center of it all.  Our roots run deep; our vines are far-reaching.

Along with community involvement comes community responsibility, and GenuWine is pleased to have offered our support to a wide variety of charitable causes over the years.  We continue to work closely with local food banks and clothing donation outlets, once even collecting well over a hundred pairs of used ladies’ jeans for those in need, as well as things like backpacks for school kids, local suicide prevention programs, and have hosted a fund-raising party for the locally-owned Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary in the name of a lost friend.  We sponsor Team GiGi, a group devoted to the fight against cancer, which was formed and named after Rhonda’s mother Joan Fuller, whose story has even been featured and followed by KHOU Channel 11 News twice.

IMG_3852During the month of October 2015 we raised and donated over $2000.00 to the prevention of Rett’s Syndrome, a rare non-inherited genetic postnatal neurological disorder.  This horrible condition occurs almost exclusively in girls and can lead to severe impairments, including the child’s ability to speak, walk, eat, or even breathe.  More information here, Rettsyndrome.org

sponsorthankyougenuIn February of this year we were proud to sponsor the Leaping Butterfly Ministries “Seeds of Faith Gala” right here in our own back yard. This local organization headed by Debbie Browne, supports the global awareness of Turner Syndrome and funds research and hearing aids to those young ladies in need. More information here, Leapingbutterfly.org

These are not the only charitable involvements we have, but they represent the widespread interaction that we enjoy with our local community organizations.  We work closely as members of The Woodlands Chamber of Commerce and the Montgomery County Association of Business Women (MCABW) to ensure that we leave a better world than that which we found, and we encourage everyone to do the same.cropped-LargeLogo-e1450399515469


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