Taste of Bordeaux Wine Cruise
We’re planning a GenuWine river cruise and want you to come with us!
This fabulous cruise, planned for June 2019, will explore Bordeaux along the Gironde Estuary that divides the famous wine region into Left and Right banks.
Our itinerary will take you to the most impressive wine growing areas and their signature blends.
Delectable cuisine and fine wine abound on these special cruises, both on board and ashore.
While on the ship, you’ll enjoy wine tastings led by a wine expert. You’ll also indulge in award-winning cuisine paired with hand-selected, premium wines.
There are plenty of varieties, and you’ll have the opportunity to try different selections every day.
And then, of course, there are exclusive excursions designed to bring the rich wine history and culture of Europe to life.
You’ll visit private cellars, renowned wineries and stunning vineyards where more tastings and pairings await.
All this while discovering all the wondrous sights and landmarks along the way.
The river cruise will be offered with AmaWaterways.
Click on this link for more information about this fabulous cruise line.
We will host another presentation in January.

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