Wine Club Membership

Have you ever considered being a member of a wine club? Well, if you’re something of a wine connoisseur or just want to experience wines of different varietals and regions, you may find that the perks of joining our Wine Club are well worth it.
Take a look at a few of them:
Wine Club Selections, The retail price of wines selected for you each month exceed Wine Club monthly membership fees by 15-20%.
Great Discounts, If you typically buy 3 or more bottles of wine a month, you could definitely benefit by the discounts offered by our Wine Club.  10%  to 15% off bottle purchases.  Members also receive discounts on special Wine Dinners and Wine Maker events
Tastings, Our weekly wine tasting features 4 different wines each week; a great way to try new wines from the wall.  And a fabulous deal for for only $15. But Wine Club members can benefit from a special offer exclusively to them. Corker Club members pay only $5 ($10 per couple) for the Weekly Tasting and for Collector Club, the tastings are included in the monthly membership.  That is a savings of $40 ($80 per couple) for Corker Club and $60 savings for Collector Club members per month (a whopping $120 savings per Collector Club couple).  All while enjoying wines you may not have considered. At GenuWine, you’ll find “gems” of the vine.


The Corker     $42.50 (Monthly)

•Two classic wines each month
•10% off wine bottle purchases
•Weekly wine tasting ($5/$15 for non-members)

Collector’s Club      $82.50 (Monthly)

•Two premium wines each month
•15% off wine bottle and retail purchases
•Weekly wine tasting (FREE/$15 for non-members)

*To become a member please select:
Your credit card will be charged on the 1st business day of each month. Wines will be ready for pick up on the first Thursday of the month. Please request any cancellations in writing or by email. Of you are unable to pick up your wines within the current month; the selection will be donated to GenuWine’s current charity of the month. Our discount on retail excludes local artists. Now let’s open some wine and enjoy!

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